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We are one of the fastest growing International web solution companies in Europe, with our head office in London. We have a dedicated and skilled team of designers, developers and search engine optimization experts ready to build you a professional and simple to use solution. We have vast experience in the web solution industry and you only need to read what our customers have to say about us to understand the quality we can deliver.

Our clients are located all over the United Kingdom, Ireland, Europe and USA. Whether you are in Aberdeen, Manchester, Devon, Berlin, Stockholm or Chicago we can provide you with a great service.

We do not have an aggressive sales team who will try to sell you a service that you don’t need. Instead we have a team of professional project managers who will work with you, step by step to ensure you get what you want .

We have an excellent customer satisfaction record which we are very proud of. We understand the issues and challenges  faced when trying to choose a web design company to work with. Read our latest customer comments and gain peace of mind with regards to working with us. We will listen, work at your pace and always advise you on any issues you are concerned with.

We are fast becoming the first choice for getting small businesses online, we hope you will choose to share our success by working with us to build your solution.

Useful Information
Do you need a professional looking website?
Do you need a website that conforms to W3C criteria?
Do you need a website company that is flexible and keeps within your budget?
More or less anyone with time on their hands can create a website. However, how many “website companies” adhere to any of the recognised standards?

Let’s face it, it’s all well and good designing a website that looks nice and is appealing to the eye. However, is that all that’s needed to create a website?

These are the most popular queries our clients tend to come to us with.

Site Design

Don’t worry about that, as soon as we begin working together we can start by identifying your unique selling points and integrating them into the main body of your site. Our experienced team of designers will start preparing design samples in order to help you gauge an idea of what type of designs you like and what types of designs you don’t like. This will be the initial design stage, and its at this stage where you can chop and change, and mix and match designs. Once you are happy with a chosen sample, we can go ahead and build the rest of your site. This is the most important stage of the project as it will form a foundation for us to build on.

Domain Name Registration

Some customers come to us without a domain name!  Some, because they don’t know the full process they have to go through in order to obtain one, and others just don’t have the time. We can register your domain name & ensure this is one thing less for you to worry about! Alternatively, if you wish to do it yourself, we can point you in the right direction. Give us a call on 0845 0179 623

Have you organised hosting?

We work with a variety of hosting partners, and hosting is also something we can arrange for you. We will always offer you a competitive hosting deal, in combination with a great web solution package.

Depending on the amount of space and bandwidth you need, we will work with our hosting partners in order to give you an affordable & attractive hosting package.

Logo design

If you don’t have a logo, we can design one for you. After an initial consultation, we can again create you three design samples of your logo in order to help you make your own mind up about what matches your business identity. Ideally we would like to base your site on the colours and style of your logo, so it’s always best to finalise this at the beginning of the project.

Do you need email addresses?

Again we have a solution! In order to enhance your channels of communication, we will set up and configure emails for you, in order to match your web address. For example, Furthermore, we can integrate this into your hosting package.  Call us on 0845 0179 623 to speak to one of our consultants on the solutions available to you.

Do you want to Increase visits to your website?

What’s the use of having a super fast, super expensive car, if your going to keep it locked up in your garage all the time?

Its all well and good having a website that is all singing and dancing. However, what’s the use of having a website that looks good, does everything you want it to do, BUT NO ONE LOOKS AT IT! We have a range of ideas that will get you thinking, with regards to marketing your site, and increasing your hits. Speak to one our friendly, down to earth team now for more info…. Call on 0845 0179 623

Turning visitors into customers

Its all well and good for your site to attract thousands and thousands of visitors….but they are no good to you if they don’t make use of your sites services.

OK, so people are visiting your site. How long are these people staying for?   There are so many websites where visitors stay 30 seconds and then leave! There are a number of causes for this. The main cause being poorly designed websites, concentrating more on looking nice and NOT giving any indication of what is on offer! We have solutions for this!

We have packages that can give you important facts and figures on your site. For example, how are people finding your site, from which search engines? What keywords are they using to find your site? How long are they staying on your site?  This is all vital information that will help you make key decisions in order to help your business move forward. Call us on 0845 0179 623 to see what solutions are available to you.

Don’t pay for work you cant see

Unlike other Web design companies, we show you what you are paying for before charging you a penny!  Our working principals are based on goodwill & honesty, so we have adopted a policy of giving you free design samples for you to judge our design ability, and also to give us both a starting point to build on. Once you have seen your samples, you can either walk away, or alternatively you can chop & change and add new ideas to the samples in order to achieve your final design! 

What have you got to lose? Let us show you what we can do for you before you pay. Let us design your free design samples. We have a 95% customer retention program this is because customers like what we do.

We work to W3C standards

W3C is the World Wide Web Consortium. We are passionate about W3C and we always mark our work with it.  The W3C Conformance logo is clearly displayed on any design work

If you choose to go with us, you will have a website which displays the W3C logo & demonstrates to search engines that your website is interoperable, and to your customers that you have worked with a professional Web design company which  has taken due care when building your site.

For more information about W3C go to

Are you a new start up business?

Are you a new start up company? Are you held back by the high costs of starting a new business?

We can appreciate it can be a bit daunting to start up on your own, expecially with the ever increasing costs. We will work with you, not only to help you keep your costs down, but also to help drive customers to your site and keep them coming.

Our dedicated team of project managers specialize in keeping costs down in order to ensure you have a cost effective web solution. We have flexible Web Design and Web Development Solutions and we can ensure you are given flexible payment options to keep your costs down.

Design & Content Management: Avoid expensive hourly charges!

Content Management Systems allow you to create extra pages for your site. They will also allow you to add and edit content to your site. If you have a site where you regularly have new products, and price changes, a Content Management System maybe just what you need to make your life easier.

More and more companies are realising the need to be able to update their own site using an easy interface, rather than calling up their web design company and being charged expensive hourly charges for simple changes.

We have a few solutions for this!

Solution A:  you can rent a Content Management system from us on a monthly basis until you’re ready to buy! £12.99 per month. This will allow you to make as much changes to your site as you want.

Solution B:  If you don’t have time or you don’t feel technically confident enough to update your own site & want us to do it for you, we can give you a content officer to do this for you. £15.99 per month, unlimited changes!

Note:  Our Content Management Systems are so easy to use, they have been tested by 7 year olds!

We concentrate on giving you a slick design and the ability to easily update and edit your own website. We have more than one solution, in order to keep your high costs down.

Why have a great looking website that no one visits?
In addition to great design, we can run marketing campaigns for you.

When we run Google Marketing campaigns, we have the expertise to get on to the 1st page of Google. Whether through "organic ranking" or "Google Pay Per Click" we have the knowledge and skill to promote your business on the major Search engines.

Give our Consultants a call today to see how we can help you generate more customers through your website.

Selling Online

More and more people are realising the tremendous earning potential the internet can provide. The growth in online shopping will continue to grow and grow!

We have a product that will help you make the most of this potential. It’s a simple, effective online shop, which will give you the ability to sell over the net!

Our online Shop will allow you to add/ remove products & pricing, in addition it will allow your users to have a secure payment transaction option & a shopping basket. This is the most popular option and we can always add extra features to this, at our client’s request.

This option will give your customers the ability to pay through secure, tried and trusted methods, such as PayPal and Google Checkout.  The word secure is a very important word within the online community, this is why we integrate our online shops with these two leading brands.

Do you think your customers would feel more confident paying through a secure, tried and tested system such as PayPal?  Or opt to put in their credit card details through a virtually unknown company website?

With fraud at record levels, people are more and more wary with regards to who give their credit card details to over the net!  The extra reassurance of PayPal or Google checkout facility gives people the additional confidence to buy!


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